We Were Young

When I was 16 I wanted to get married at 23. I had this whole thing planned out. I would be graduated from college, going to law school and such. To top all my blessings I would be getting married to a man that is unapologetically in love with me. Being that I turned 22… Continue reading We Were Young

The View

He had his genitals in his hands and a side smile on his face when he looked into my eyes. I couldn’t believe for a second that this was actually happening. Tamara, Evan and I were looking out over Tangier from the Kasbah. A second after we walked into the viewing area a man came… Continue reading The View


He laughed with his mother one more time before leaving to meet with friends not knowing that it was the last time he will laugh with her. The next time he saw her she was laying down, her eyes closed, surrounded by loved ones crying over her dead body. Where were you when your mother… Continue reading Strangers

To Dreams

We were sitting in a traditional moroccan living room in Beni koulla village. The couches were orange and the tables were round. There was about 15 American students and 10 of Beni koulla’s residents. We were having an open discussion with the village women and a few little boys, when a girl in my group… Continue reading To Dreams


I woke up heart beating fast, sweaty palms and a bad dream behind me. I was so terrified, but also very relieved that it was just a nightmare. I had just dreamed that my host dad—whom at this point I hadn’t met and wasn’t even sure of his existence— raped me. In my dream a… Continue reading BARCELONA