On a Second Note…

Here I was thinking that after surviving a whole week continents away from my loved ones, I will be able to do anything. Little did I know that the first week was just a warm up. I mean literally; the first week I missed home, mom, friends, and such, but it’s not until I took a shower in my host family’s house that I realized just how far from home I was. The smell of my shower gel, the softeness of my sponge, the hope for my shower to be a bit warmer, a bit longer— I missed home so so much.

Anyhow, I’ve moved into my host house. It is this little house in the fish market of the Old Medina. There is a door that leads to these colorful and welcoming stairs. Then there is a blue door, the bathroom/toilet. The all then leads to this beautiful little living room. The sofas are so colorful. They are set in a rectangular order and all have pretty pillows on them. We use the pillow as back supports. On the wall there is a clock, and tablets with scriptures in Arabic, and some other pretty things that I haven’t dare to ask what they are.

My first meal with my host family was chicken Tajine, it was so so good. Later that day I went back to the center to meet up with the girls. We were all having a hard time with the transition from our “hotel rooms” to our host families. So we had plan to meet up and spend as little time as possible with these strangers that had let us into their houses. Mama Nadia, my host mom had told me to call her when I wanted to come back, so she could come walk me. My big head decided to get home on my own and of course I got lost. Long story short Mouad, my 14 years host brother found me and walked me home. By the end of that night, I had gotten lost, saved by a 14 year old, and cried in front of the entire family.tajine

Mama Nadia made Chicken Tajine to welcome me into their family. It was made with Chicken, peas, carrots, potatoes, Olive oil and pickles.The Tajine  was eaten with wheat bread. Old Medina, fish market, on Thursday, Feb2, 2016.

It’s been a week since that emotional night, it’s been a week since I first met Soulaymane my 2 years old host brother, it’s been a week and I know from the bottom of my heart that I couldn’t have asked for a better Moroccan family. Would I like a bigger room? YES. Would I like a bigger bathroom and warmer shower? YES. All that would have been fantastic and probably would have made my transition smoother, but this family is definitely golden.

“I know we don’t have much to offer, and our home is tiny, but I would rather share it with you and your friends,” said mama Nadia as she knitted purses accessories. “Because you guys won’t be here for too long, but the memories we’re gonna make together are going to stay with us forever.”


Soulaymane, 2 years old was taking his daily nap. He had spent the whole day watching cartoons and throwing his soccer ball at anyone and everywhere. In the Old Medina fish market, on Friday, Feb 10, 2017.

On the other hand I have started classes. My journalism classes are as hard and challenging as I expected them to be. There was a bit of repetition, and I have to thank my awesome Saint Michael’s College professors for that. Arabic is a whole different story. On the first day of Arabic Tamara, friend and class mate cried.

“It’s the alphabet, they all made the same sound and I panicked,” Tamara said.

Panicking is our thing here— really Katherina is the one who started it, but we all have taken on it. Every once in a while or more, we panic; sometimes as a group and other times in our on personal timing.When Tamara and Katherina are not leaving me behind, when they’re being good friends, they make my life in the Medina quite a ride.tamara-and-katTamara and Katherine were working enjoying my host house’s wifi, when mama Nadia decided to gave them chocolate. My host sister had arrived with her friend and they had brought some kitkat chocolate with them. Mama Nadia told them that they had to share with everyone, so she took the chocolate and cut them a small pieces for each and everyone in the house. In the Old Medina fish market, on Friday, Feb 10, 2017.


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