day After day

The words were in English and loud, very loud. Just like in any store back home— that’s it, it felt like home. As I walked in everything felt in place; I recognized the look in the eyes of the ladies that were shopping like me. I was reminded of the search for sale section, and even percent off sales. Trying on shoes while singing to the music although I couldn’t hear the words because it was too loud. Then finally going to the register and watching them put what my friends had brough into this little precious shopping bag. Leaving and yelling Shukran because it’s the only Arabic word I say correctly.

Katherine, Tamara and I had been shopping for an hour or two. We had finished our Arabic homework before going back to our respective host house to drop off our backpacks before taking off to shop. We walked around for a good half hour before we finally arrived to Marwa. It was beautiful. As we walked into the doors, the loud music set us in the mood. Soon we, like the rest of women in the store were jumping at the incredible sales they were having. We browsed for a good time, until Tamara and Katherine decided what they wanted and went to pay. As we were walking back home, we decided that we should stop for a snack, little did we know there was more in stock for us.selfiekatharine, Deborah-julie and Tamara taking a selfie in the heart of Rabat.                           This picture was taking right across an hip-hop dance performance,                                         on Wednesday, Feb 15/2017

Right there in the corner of the street, a group of young people had gathered around hip-hop. To be faire it was more a group of talented dancers that had gathered around hip-hop. My night couldn’t have been made better; shopping plus dance, exactly what I needed after the past couple days.

That Wednesday morning we had our first assignment, food articles’ revisions due. So the weekend prior to that as well as the beginning of the week tensions were really high within the group. We also had to set appointment to interview people for our next assignment. This all on top of not showering everyday, cold showers, and squat toilets. The work load was growing bigger, but so was concerns about living situations.

I was just starting to get comfortable eating out of the same plate as everyone in my host family. My first few days, we all used forks to eat. I guess my family could only do it for so long; it wasn’t too long until I was introduced to eating with my hands. Which is not a strange concept in itself, but more so the idea that everybody else is also using their hands to eat. Mama Nadia would use her hands to cut the bread and the meat, in-proportionally then gives a piece to each member of the family. More often than ever I’ll get the biggest piece of meat. By all means I am not complaining, it is just a bit disgusting that she touches my cooked                                 Mama Nadia make spaghetti because I had told her that I like it. They usually just eat the spaghetti without anything mama Nadia said, but this time she had made brother to go with it because they have a guest (me) in the house. Monday, Feb 13/2017.

It is unfair of me to sit here and complain of the fact that this amazing woman that is my host mom, mama Nadia cuts my cooked meat with her hand, and leave out the fact that she is simply AMAZING. She has to be one of the strongest people I’ve meat in my 21 years on this earth. I mean; she is constantly working; as a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter but most importantly as the money maker of the house whole. Mamma Nadia makes this very beautiful purses by hand. I’ve myself bought two so far.purse                                    One of the purses I bought from mama Nadia, it took her about a week to finish it because the fabrics she needed were nowhere to be find. Old Medina, fish market; Friday, Feb 17/2017

As of next week I’ll be traveling all over the country. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing different places, I am a bit stressed about staying in the desert. I am hopping that by the time I write my next post I have some very cool quotes and Amazing pictures to share with you all.16809227_874284839377601_1318743315_n  We took a quick group post card at the beach. Rabat; Thursday, Feb 16/2017


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