The Fault in My Stars

The sun was too bright on my face, my stomach was grumbling from being in the car for so long, and my classmate couldn’t be any louder than they were being at the moment. I was ready to shut down the bus window curtain and sleep, or at least try to. As I was sitting up to reach the curtain and shut it, as I was ready to give up and shut down there she was, dark skinned, little eyes, curly hair tighten back in a bun, big smile on her little face, running like there was no tomorrow. She looked like she was 7 and behind her was her sister (they looked exactly alike) who looked like she was 5. The traffic was slow enough that I had time to contemplate them both. They looked happy — and yet my heart felt a little sad. I couldn’t help but think of all they didn’t have — couldn’t stop thinking of all they could have. I felt guilty for the times I was ungrateful of all that I have, for all that I’ve had.

It was little before 9 when we left the old Medina in Rabat to start our week tour of southern Morocco. I was one of the first people on the bus and had gotten a widow seat on the bus. Our first day we visited Meknes, Fes and The Middle Atlas. Our first guide was so admirable, so knowledgeable. It wasn’t hard to pay attention to what he was saying because he was captivating as a person.Black hat, with button up shirt with blue lines, tight with a mixed of grey and blue, the suit accompanied with grey classy pants all topped up with a long classy beige coat.


Ahmed Bennan gave us an introduction tour of the city of Meknes. His family is from Meknes and he himself lives in Meknes. He had previously told me that he speaks fluent English because he got married to an American and that’s how they communicate. Meknes, Monday, Feb 20/2017guide-looking-out

We spent our first night in Zahrat Al Jabal, a beautiful hotel in Fes that was surrounded with coffee shops and such. I shared a room with Katherina and Tamara. Our room was beautiful, each our beds were cover with these beautiful comforters, our bathroom was even more beautiful, the water pressure was to die for.

“The shower was orgasmic,” said Katherine as she danced around her bed with her towels still on.

Our third night was spend in the desert. On Wednesday morning we drove for a little more than 5 hours before arriving to our lunch destination where we eat underground cooked bread that was stuffed with meat and vegetables. We then took Land Rovers that drove us to our camels and yet we weren’t even close to our tents. I went on my camel, whose name was The Prince, I rode with him for 1 hour and half. It was painful, my thighs, my back, my fingers, my feet, my entire body was in pain. Once I was off The Prince my night got a bit magical. I had never seen anything like it, the stars were bright and beautiful. Deborah-Julie who hates outdoors quickly turned into Deborah-Julie who wants to sleep outside and look at the stars all night long. Of course that’s what I ended up doing, I looked at the starts until my eyes could no longer stay open.img_1194We passed these beautiful views while we were driving to our camels. Wednesday, Feb 22/2017

On our last day we drove to Marrakech and that’s when I saw the little girl from the bus window. The thought of her bright future and all that life has in stock for her kept me energized for the rest of the ride. Seeing the little girl and her sister had made me think of my sisters—-oh how much I miss them. I am hoping that next time that I sit to write my blog, my body will not longer be sore—I am hopping that I easily readjust to my Old Medina life…img_1024Leather factory in Fes, Tuesday, Feb 21/2017.


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