Then I went to Marrakech

I realized—-last night——that no matter how much of a career driven person I am, I want something real. I mean don’t we all? I want a relationship that stays standing even after a storm, a relationship as stable and strong as the walls of Meknes’ Medina. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I have set goals for myself and that I’ve been working on my goals since the day I set them. Thus few people would be able to tell whether or not I aspire to love and be loved.

It’s been exactly a month since the last time I saw my family, the last time mama and I danced to  Congolese rumba, last time Jennifer, Cynthia, Tiffanie and I had too much food together. And I can’t tell you how much I hope it would be easier by now. I mean can’t simply image how many times I told myself you’ll get use to it, and yet here I am missing them more  than I did 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday, Feb 21/2017. MOJ 2017 posing in front of the palace in Fez.

I have to thank SIT for not giving me the time to cry nor complain about this. Between editing my profile assignment, lectures filled with too much information for an hour, and working on my next assignment (writing a pitch), there is no time in between for me to overthink anything. Let me not make it all sound so awful, because it’s not at all. I know I’ve mentioned in my last blog that we travelled around southern Morocco, but what I have yet told you is that Katherina, tamara and I decided to stay an extra night in Marrakech. I must say, that weekend away was much needed.

First we visited an old palace in Marrakech. The stallings were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but look up the entire time. The two gardens within the palace were so relaxing and yet extremely impressive. I could just imagine the kind sitting in one of is gardens and relaxing from his all day responsibilities. I could also just picture the servants standing there for a second before going back to work. By the end of the palace visit my neck was hurting from looking up at the sealing and my imagination had grown from making scenes in every room. the we went to the Yve Saint Lauren memorial garden. By our first sight, Katherina, Tamara and I had agreed that it was a nice place to come for a reading. We stood by the fish  for a moment and tried to personalize each fish. (there was about 6-8 fishes in the water. they all looked a bit alike except for one that was completely white and another that was white with a big red dot on its head. We had agreed that the plain white looking fish would be the type of person that is about his own stuffy nd that the white with a big red dot was a weirdo), I personally think that we as a group are the white fish with a big red dot.

Saturday, Feb 25/2017. (from left to right) Tamara, Katherina and I had our picture taken by a nice tourist.

Leter that night we ended up in a restaurant with life music. As we set around the closet table to the band, they started playing thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran…before I knew it I was loudly singing along with the band

…Take me into your loving arms

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Oh darling …

Darling I would be loving you till we’re 70

Darling my heart can still fall as hard as at 23

We find love right were we are…

The next day we were back in the Old Medina of Rabat. I must admit I was happy to see Souleyman. I brought my host mom and host sister presents and they both seemed genuinely happy with their presents.

Saturday, Feb 25/2017. Picture f my jus at the restaurant with life music.

The week was booked with heavy lectures; women right, Moroccan literature, Sexuality in the Islamic world/Morocco. I must admit that the women right lecture along with the lecture on sexuality in the Islamic world/Morocco have been my favorite lectures so far. Both lectures were so rich, so informative, so captivating. I would have to commit two separate blogs on these lectures, because they were individual rich.

Next time I write a blog, It will be after our 4 days spring break, it’ll be after I visit Agadir until then…Yours truly:)


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